Styling Tips

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We are technical experts in the art of haircutting. Taking into consideration your bone-structure, natural hair type and lifestyle through our consultation, you can be confident that you will love the cut and style we create for your hair.

Your face, skin tone and lifestyle all influence your choice of hairstyle and they change over time. There is no more instant way that will update your image than a good haircut and colour.

When you hair has been well cut it will style more easily and will grow out well. Movement and softness come from your cut. A good hairdresser will know what styles will emphasise your best features and draw away from the less flattering ones.

There are a few basic facts about hair styling:

* Side partings are generally more flattering, regardless of your face shape.
* By changing your parting you will have extra body and bounce.

* The shape of our face changes as we age. Our jawline and chin becomes less defined – a skilled hair stylist will be able to minimise this with a clever haircut.
* Fringes can make you look younger – but you must make sure it suits your face shape.

Top Tips for Anti-ageing Hair

Stiff, rigid hairstyles and too much hairspray will leave your hair looking awful and you will look a decade older.

Young hair accessories such as bobbles, scrunchies and hair ties are a mistake.

Avoid severe, harsh or blunt hair cuts as you get older. Short angular cuts can make an older face look really hard.

Do not assume you must cut your hair. The old adage that you can’t wear your hair long over 30 is simply NOT true! As long as your hair is kept in great condition and is shoulder length or slightly longer it can be very flattering.

Tight curls are a no-no. Opt for sift curls of different sizes – they will be much more flattering.

Colour plays a vital role in keeping us young and vibrant looking.

Hair Care and Hair Health

The foundation to great looking hair is great hair care – making sure you are using the products best suited to your hair and using them correctly to optimize hair health. In the salon you can relax with our expert team at the back wash and experience superior hair care, from cleansing and conditioning to in-salon K-Pac chemistry treatments for the ultimate in hair treatments.

Healthy, thick, shiny hair gives us our crowning glory and it needs care and attention to look its best.

If your body is well nourished and healthy your hair will look glossy and vibrant. It is important to eat a balanced diet to ensure your hair is getting the nutrients it needs. For optimum hair health your diet should include Essential Fatty Acids, Iron, Magnesium, Silica, Sulphur, Zinc, Vitamins B, C

and C, and Beta-carotene. Ensure you follow the recommended minimum of 5 fruit or veg a day, protein from a variety of sources, watch your saturated fat intake and have plenty of fibre. As well as getting your food intake right, do not forget the power of water! We all know the drill – 2 litres a day to ensure our body is hydrated.

10 ways to shiny hair

Every girl knows that shiny hair is expensive hair! Here is our list of the top ten things you can do to achieve the shiniest, glossiest hair around:
Use the right haircare for your hair type and colour – this means shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments.

1. Always use a natural bristle brush for blow drying.
2. Ensure hair is damp, not wet when beginning to blow dry and point the hairdryer down the shaft of hair. Use cool-shot button to ’set’ each section, once it is dry.
3. Ensure you have frequent hair cuts – every 6-8 weeks.
4. Keep you hair in great condition by protecting it against the sun, environmental damage and heat (always use a heat protector for example if you are using straightening irons or curling tongs)
5. Eat a healthy diet, rich in fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water.
6. Indulge yourself with in-salon backwash deep conditioning treatments – at Dimensions we recommend the K-Pac Chemistry range.
7. Avoid product build up with occasional use of a cleansing cream shampoo.
8. Have colour professionally applied – ideally using Wella for multi-dimensional colour that gives great shine.
9. Finish with GHD shine serum to create the ultimate glossy sheen.